This course is a general guide to the customer service policies and strategies that are expected to be modeled by WOT employees.

This course will teach Soft Skills, which are essential skills needed in the workspace.

This course will model how to make a good first impression and the how to have effective nonverbal communication.

Emails are a large part of the work that you will be completing. Emails should be answered in a timely and professional manner. A client or customer should not have to wait for days for you to respond to an email, nor should the email be informal and in poor taste. All emails that are sent out can be forwarded, printed or saved for a later date by the recipient. It is extremely important that all correspondence be professional, as there is no way to know in advance the potential reach of a single email.

There are several aspects that when combined create verbal communication. Listening, tone, volume, speed at the optimal levels can provide you with a great foundation for verbal communication. 

There are simple tips and tricks that you can apply to provide golden customer service. There are also some key phrases and actions that you should avoid in order to maintain a positive work experience.

As much training as we can provide and as many resources that we create for customers, undoubtedly you will one day be faced with an upset or disgruntled customer. When this happens take a deep breath and try to remember that customers are the reason we have a job and a reason that we stay in business. They might not always be correct in their assumptions, and their requests may not always be feasible, but they should always be handled with care-even those who seem to be a bit difficult to handle.

There are many reasons why a customer/client may call in upset, some of which may not have anything to do with you or your position, those reasons range from a bad experience to bad information, to outside reasons that are beyond our control. 

It is best practice to not match their anger with your own. Stay calm and patient while speaking to them. Anger from you will only amplify the situation.

There will be instances in which you cannot answer a customer/clients questions immediately. When this happens do not panic there are some simple temporary solutions that you can utilize to quickly resolve the phone call and still maintain golden customer service.

The quiz will gauge your level of understanding of this Customer Service Course.