Providing students with meaningful learning opportunities is a passion for teachers. With the expectation of students' high academic performance and achievement, teachers need to know and understand how to navigate processes and procedures in order to assist students at a high level. This module will enable teachers the understanding of policies, procedures, and expectations of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly duties of the organization. 

    Effective and positive communication between parents and teachers is essential for student learning and success. This module serves as a resource and as well as provide strategies for how to communicate with parents and students.  This course also aims to demonstrate how teachers can further support students' academic and emotional needs.  

    This training focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and experience to lead data for improved instruction. Emphasis is placed on the 8 Step Process for both school-wide and individual student improvement.

    This course was designed as a teaching resource for instructors to teach students various methods of note-taking. 

    This training examines approaches to assessment, the basic concepts of standardized and non-standardized tests. Teachers will learn the appropriate and various types of assessments and the purpose they serve.